Paper is easy to obstruct or destroy and can lead to issues in the workplace if this happens to important documents. Frontline offers a variety of lamination options to keep your documents safe and clean. Laminating items increases their lifespan significantly making it a reusable asset rather than reprinting. It saves you time and the headache of ensuring your employees have the proper resources to do their jobs. Most office documents are reused and passed through the office for multiple coworkers to use, make sure you only need one by laminating your documents for pennies on the dollar.

Frontline has a variety laminating thicknesses to match the numerous of documents your office uses. Some of the popular laminated items include:

  • Schedules
  • Instructions
  • Badges
  • Scripts

Save yourself the time and money of reprinting these items when you can laminate them in half the time with Frontline’s low-cost lamination options.