Printing Guidelines

We accept the following file formats:
Our preferred file type is .PDF. However, the following file types will be accepted if they are setup correctly: TIFF, JPEG, JPG, EPS, PNG and PDF

Our standard print sizes are:
Standard printing sizes are as followed: 8.5×11, 8.5×14, 11×17, 12×18, 13×19

File Sizes
The maximum size we can accept per file is 30MB (megabytes). Make sure you check the resolution of your images before you send your print files to us.

Image Resolution
In order to print high quality images we recommend your document has a resolution of 300dpi (dots-per-inch). At lower resolutions the quality will be much lower and can cause pixelation in your prints.

Artwork Colors
Color images and art must be provided in the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) color mode. Black and white images and art must be provided in the grayscale color mode.

A “bleed” is the part of paper that will be trimmed off when the materials are cut to their final size.

For best results, create your digital files by adding 0.125” (inch) to all sides of your document. All files must be built to the full bleed dimensions that are specified for each trim size. We automatically trim 0.125” off each edge, which will result in the correct trim size. Add 0.25″ to the overall dimension of your digital layout. Example: a 5″ x 7″ would have a bleed size of 5.25″ x 7.25″ and a 8.5″x11″ brochure would have a bleed size of 8.75″x11.25″.

Don’t Cut Out The Crop Marks
Make sure you create your digital files with crop marks. Crop marks are the lines that show us where the paper should be cut to produce the correct size.

You must embed your fonts in PDF files. Fonts must be either outlined or converted to paths or curves in EPS files.

Stay In The Safe Zone
Don’t lose something you’ve worked hard to create! Remember that all critical elements of your design (text or images) must be kept at least 0.125″ inside the edge. Anything left close to edge could be cut off during trimming (and it probably will be!).

Know Your Borders
Please allow 1/8″ cutting space around your design. We don’t recommend the use of borders, as shifting in the cutting process may occur and we cannot guarantee that borders appear completely “even”.